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Player Name: Miyu
Character Name: Euphemia li Britannia
Canon: Code Geass

Canon Background: Here

AU Background: Euphemia is born in a noble family within the Kingdom of Amestris. She's the sister of Cornelia and others. Having such status, she has an arranged marriage with Athrun Zala.


Euphemia is the embodiment of what a true princess is. For an outsider, the first thing that they will notice is her kindness, her lovely personality, the childish girl that enjoys talking with animals, the dreamer of peace and love that doesn't seem to wake up to reality. A noble girl that has everything to be happy in the world.

But that's only a tiny part of what makes Euphemia be herself. Behind that dream-like princess is someone who puts everyone before her. A girl that always worries about everyone's happiness and has noble ideas set in her mind. She lived her whole life in a world of politics, but that only enhanced her idea of protecting all the people. A noble ideal, yes, and one really hard to make true because of the world where she lives in, but at the same time an ideal she refuses to give up on.

It's easily to see that her friends and family are the most important people for her, and that she would not hesitate in doing anything for them in order to help them. Despite having a large family mostly dedicate to the military, she grew to believe in peace, in contrast to her other siblings who chose the military path. Her convictions and ideals are what motivate her to keep moving in the world and she's not afraid of telling them to the world. On the other side, she is aware of how important she is for the world because of her rank as a princess, so she will avoid starting any conflict. As much as she sometimes wants to do some things, she's bound to her rank as well and the obligations that it brings.

Euphemia's strength lies in her kindness, the strength she uses to reach the hearts of people to unite them in order to archive her aims and her goals. This doesn't mean that she uses this as a facade, she truly believes in her ideals and inspires people to do the same through words instead of using violence. And while she's a princess, she doesn't want to be seen as such, she wants to be seen as an another person that is suffering from the war.

This brings her to take more action than a normal princess would do. Euphemia often doesn't seem to care about her rank if it is to help someone. She's not afraid of stepping in the middle of a fight to protect a kid, or walk in the streets to understand people better. And while her appearance makes her seem more weak than she is, she's quite intelligent and determined than she looks. She's not the type of girl who speaks freely without considering everything, she speaks with her heart and she will move to archive her goals.

While she's optimistic and sweet, she's quite aware that sometimes conflicts cannot be solved by words only. Sometimes it is necessary to use force in order to start negotiating with people who don't seem to understand. She's prone to make rational decisions when the time calls for it, and she is a firm believer that the problems cannot be hidden or avoided because it will always cause more trouble than solving them, no matter how hard they are.

Combat Style: She really doesn't possess any great combat ability because she's more fond of speaking to bring peace to others. In canon she seemed to know some basic self-defense skill while using a gun and she's able to pilot a Mecha, but she's not capable of doing something else.

Kingdom or Faction: Amestris

Primary Role: Diplomat

Soldier or Siege Company: N/A

Tarot Cards:
Past : The World
Present : The Empress
Future : The Fool
Title: Massacre Princess.... N/A

Artifacts: N/a

Setting Considerations: N/a

Notes: N/a

Sample Post:
Question: Your liege has called upon you to perform a task of great importance. Upon what do you rely to complete it?
To such important matter, I would seek help to avoid any kind of complications or cause any trouble.

Question: You are presiding over a murder trial where both suspects claim innocence. What do you do?
If they are truly innocent, then there must be a mistake of why they are here. I would try to help to prove who is innocent and who is guilty, and to avoid any misunderstanding if possible.

Question: The pressures of court have become too much for you to bear, what do you do?
I would have to become stronger, to endure all the pressure. It is something that I must do in all my ability, but if such a thing were to happen again, I shall seek advice on how to overcome this.

Question: You are given the opportunity to bet everything you have for great fortune, should you win you will be granted the wealth of kings but should you lose you will lose everything. What do you do?
With such wealth, I could help many people, at high risk. I would try to find an alternative way to archive it, but if no other way were to exist, I would do everything to no regret later having wasted such opportunity.

Question: For what cause are you willing to sacrifice yourself?
To bring peace to everyone. No one deserves a life where their are constantly threatened by War and sadness. To be able to provide such joy and help others to achieve it, is something that I would die for.

Question: What do you want people to remember about you after you are gone?
I want people to remember the kind moments we spent with each other, I do not wish to bring sadness to them, but encourage them to keep living a in a peaceful world.

Question: Everything you love and held dear has been taken from you in the blink of an eye. What do you do?
I would fight back. If it was taken from me, I would do all I can to acquire it back because they are precious to me and I would want to avoid causing them any trouble.

Question: What do you make of your dreams?
I try to make them come true. For some they only seem to be childish dreams from a girl, but they are important to help others as well.

Question: At the end of the journey, what remains in your satchel?
All the people I met during it. All the beautiful memories that are inside my heart. What people desire and dream helps me to understand better what they truly desire in order to help them better.

Question: It is the eve of a great battle, and the troops have made camp for the night. Where are you and what are you doing?
If battle is truly necessary and unavoidable, I would try to give them all the support I can from behind. In the battlefield I am nothing but a burden to them, and it pains me greatly not being able to help more.


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